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Referback.com , the Leading Online Casino Affiliate Program
The Referback 2-Tier Affiliate Program provides members with a hassle-free way of generating income on income. Exceptionally high commission structures – ranging from 22.5% to 30% – already makes ReferBack a particularly attractive casino affiliate option.

Choosing the 2-tier program means that every Webmaster you introduce to the program will begin to market on your behalf, thereby increasing your chances of success.

The strengths of the referback.com casino affiliate program is clearly its variety of casino offerings, any of which are available to first time webmasters or experienced ones alike. Web casino standards like Luckynugget Casino.com, The Gaming Club.com, and the Riverbelle Casino.com are just a few of the top casinos referback boasts.

Commissions are paid monthly. Webmasters can opt to be paid by wire, by cheque, or paypal. Referback has perhaps the best support pages for problems, and has toll free numbers to speak to live operators to get your casino venture rolling!

RichWebmaster Casino Affiliate Program – 10 Tiers!
RichWebmaster Program… A 40% Flat Rate program: The best flat rate program around. A 10 Tier program program, where you earn commissions on players that sign up through you, PLUS you also earn commissions on other Webmasters’ that sign up under you!

While the 10 tier aspect of this casino affiliate program sounds very attractive, the reality is that most webmasters only garner a few to several sub affiliates. Still, at the end of each monthly period, you earn commissions based on the profits generated by your own players as well as the players of the sub affiliates below you! This can be especially rewarding if you have a high volume site.

Richwebmaster has been around for a few years, so you can be assured that they DO PAY, and that they offer some of the great online casinos such as GrandBanksCasino.com, the Black Widow, I-Play tournaments, and several other new developments including bingo and Sterling Casino setup specifically for players from the UK. Join RichWebmaster today!

– CasinoCoins Casino Affiliate Program – A Sure Bet! –
Casino Coins: Advertising the sponsoring casinos and earning big Webmaster commissions is easy when you make use of the excellent marketing tools provided by Casino Coins. Complete Text links, Banners, Scrollers, Pop-Ups and more for each Casino!

Casino Coins, like our many other casino affiliate programs has a long standing reputation for fairness, great support, and assured commission checks.

Ever played at or seen advertizements for English Harbour Casino, The Silver Dollar, or Caribbean Gold? Ever pulled the one armed bandits at Superslots? These online casinos are all sponsored by casino coins, and once you join you can promote them as well!

Captain Cook’s Casino Affiliate Program: 5 Tiers Commission
Capt. Cooks Casino: You have the opportunity to earn up to 50% of the net revenue we receive from players that arrive through your site. Our Referral Bonus program is simple – promote the program to more WebMasters like yourself, channel them through your web site on their way to us and earn a share of their income.

Like Richwebmaster casino affiliate program, Captain Cook’s offers a 5 tier commission structure so that those enterprising webmasters with high volume sites can earn residual income from players that don’t even belong to them!

Once you sign on a player, that player is yours for life. This aspect of Captain Cook’s Online Casino is particulary attractive: the quality of the gambling experience at Capt Cooks will surely bring back your players time and time again!